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156/Silence from Pittsburgh, PA

Established in 2015, 156/SILENCE represents the duality of light and dark. Combining vicious breakdowns and soaring melodies in the vein of genre pioneers like Poison The Well, Norma Jean and Daughters, 156 crafts songs that scream at the darkness but also whisper to the light.

The band came out of the gate swinging with their debut full length, “Undercover Scumbag,” in 2018.  That offering introduced the world to a new lineup and a new, more focused and ferocious musical direction. After touring relentlessly and sharing the stage with bands like Varials, Black Tongue, The Acacia Strain and I Am, followed it up with their 2020 sophomore outing "Irrational Pull."

  • Jack Murray
  • Ryan Wilkinson
    Guitar & Vocals
  • Kyle O’Connell
  • Lukas Booker
  • Jimmy Howell
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