A Mourning Star

From Vancouver, British Columbia DAZE

A Mourning Star from Vancouver, British Columbia

When A Mourning Star dropped their first proper release, To See Your Beauty Fade, in March 2022 (The Coming Strife), the band knew they created something they were proud of but did not dream of the strong response the four songs would receive. From there they hit the road with fellow Canadian metalcore band and now labelmates Serration, as well as opening for acts like Knocked Loose, Chamber, and Mindforce. Releasing three more songs in 2022, with the latest being October’s “A World Beyond,” six of those tracks have been remastered for the release of A Reminder of the Wound Unhealed, encompassing the second half of the record. Creating a polished franticity, the band recorded with Andre Urquidi over two sessions in Vancouver before sending it off to Chris Dimas for mixing and Adam Cichocki for mastering.

A Mourning Star is Elijah Robinson - Vocals, Christian Frizzelle - Lead Guitar, Tyler Peason - Bass, Byron Mayer - Drums, and Ravi Bhatti- Rhythm Guitar.

  • Elijah Robinson
  • Christian Frizzelle
  • Christian Frizzelle
  • Byron Mayer
  • Ravi Bhatti
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