From Derbyshire, England Candlelight Records

Abduction from Derbyshire, England

Formed in 2016 as a shadowy single-man entity, Abduction have made astonishingly fast progress, carving a fearsome reputation for themselves as a standout act in an increasingly crowded extreme metal scene.
Signing to a respected overseas label almost instantly (Lithuania’s Inferna Profundus) before releasing 2017’s caustic debut To Further Dreams of Failure, the outfit have remained staggeringly prolific. Releasing two more full-lengths the next two years, 2018’s Crown of Curses and, in particular, 2019’s All Pain As Penance broke into the wider consciousness of both the UK and international black metal fanbases.

Performing alone in the early years – a rare sight, despite the many one-man bands in the genre ­– Abduction’s central protagonist A|V then expanded the band into a full live outfit, to better create intense, ritualistic and immersive performances, both at underground shows and larger festivals.

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