From Salt Lake City, UT

Absolved from Salt Lake City, UT

Absolved is a melodic hardcore band formed in 2021 hailing from Salt Lake City, Utah. Coming from thrash metal, hardcore punk, and pop punk backgrounds, Absolved blends melodic guitars, desperately earnest lyrics, and groovy rhythms with a traditionally bleak and heavy SLC hardcore approach. Layered into mosaic riffs, groovy song structures, and chunky mosh parts, singer Jake Cook lays bare his deepest anxieties, frustrations, passions, loves, and aspirations into lyrics woven with Tolkien imagery, metaphors, and declarations.

Their debut EP, Eldar, incorporates influences of hardcore punk, metal, and melodic hardcore. It is a fast paced, raw, catchy, assault of breakdowns, guitar melodies, and sing-alongs with all of the fat trimmed away. All killers, no filler.

Their follow-up EP, At The Close, further expands those themes of melodic hardcore with mosh worthy riffs and heart filled sing-alongs, while reflecting on themes of love, misery, and regret. Though it still occupies the same heavy/melodic hardcore space as the previous record, At The Close, represents a refining of Absolved’s songwriting, production, and skills - guest features from Salt Lake bands Snake Eyez and Run Into The Sun.

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  • Nic Kartchner
  • Jake Cook
  • Mike Farnsworth
  • Tyson Whitney
  • Cody Hesselgesser
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