All Hail The Yeti

From Los Angeles, CA Minus Head Records Since 11/2006

All Hail The Yeti from Los Angeles, CA

ALL HAIL THE YETI makes music at the extradimensional crossroads, where demons and myth dwell. The undying spirits of the New Jersey Devil, El Chupacabra, Sasquatch, and all lurkers of lore, stalking the night, are conjured by the band's songs. ALL HAIL THE YETI is a unique rock group with a strong identity and sense of purpose, clawing at the blackened hearts of the strange.

A supernatural stew of superstition and sludge, ALL HAIL THE YETI's catalog brings together postmodern heavy metal thunder with groove-soaked visions of riff-driven power. Every song is drenched in mind-expanding, earthshaking authenticity. A smattering of hardcore angst, the passion of '90s rock radio, and the classic majesty of '70s AOR. This is music that aligns with the heavy hooks of Pantera, the steady pulse of early Crowbar, and the stoner grind of Acid Bath.

  • Connor Garritty
  • Dave Vanderlinde
  • Nicholas Diltz
    Bass & Vocals
  • Ryan "Junior" Kittlitz
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