All Life Dies

From Corpus Christi, TX Since 07/2020

All Life Dies from Corpus Christi, TX

Blackened Melodic Death Metal group ALL LIFE DIES will self-release debut EP Ghost Dust on August 13. Formerly known as FALL and formed by Jessie Santos (Oceans of Slumber), ALL LIFE DIES brings a focus to influences that range from early Opeth, Insomnium, and Behemoth.

ALL LIFE DIES consists of Jessie Santos (composer, guitarist, vocalist), David Sanchez, Jr. (drums), Oceans of Slumber bandmate Semir Ozerkan (bass, backing vocals), and Joseph Martin (guitars, additional backing vocals).

Ghost Dust is an introduction of what is to come from ALL LIFE DIES. It is a story of damnation, acceptance and longing that must be heard. The EP was mixed and mastered by Mark Lewis. - Clawhammer PR

  • Jessie Santos
    Guitar & Vocals
  • David Sanchez Jr.
  • Semir Özerkan
  • Joseph Martin
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