Alpha Wolf

From Tasmania, Australia SharpTone Records/Greyscale Records

Alpha Wolf from Tasmania, Australia

In the ever-evolving sonic landscape of Alpha Wolf, their music transforms like a shapeshifting beast, defying expectations and breaking through boundaries with the weight of wrecking-ball dynamics and captivating off-kilter hooks. The Australian quintet—Scottie Simpson [guitar], Sabian Lynch [guitar], Lochie Keogh [lead vocals], John Arnold [bass], and Mitch Fogarty [drums]—maintains their intensity on their third full-length offering, Half Living Things [SHARPTONE].

“We never want to write the same album twice,” explains Scottie. “Half Living Things is still heavy, but we’re venturing into new territory. Lochie sounds like a force of nature on this too. We considered the live show more than ever, creating parts specifically for crowd involvement. These songs are built to ignite the stage.”

With a decade of sparking visceral reactions from audiences, Alpha Wolf crashed into the Top 30 of the ARIA Albums Chart with Mono [2017] and followed up with the Fault EP two years later. A Quiet Place To Die [2020] debuted at #6 on the ARIA Albums Chart, earning a nomination for “Best Hard Rock or Heavy Metal Album” at the ARIA Awards. KERRANG! rated it “4-out-of-5 stars,” and Hysteria hailed it as “a mosh-worthy record that puts high hopes on the band’s future.” Distorted Sound called it “one of the great extreme/hardcore records of recent memory.” Their journey included North American tours with Motionless In White and Knocked Loose and a performance at KNOTFEST Australia alongside Slipknot, Parkway Drive, Megadeth, and more.

In 2023, they meticulously crafted Half Living Things, self-producing and weaving together a visceral vision after years on the road. The album title perfectly encapsulates their state of being.

On the album’s essence Lochie comments, “There can be no inner conflict without the constant tug of war between desire and disdain, the things you want versus the things you need, or the things that make you feel alive against the parts of it that do not. You cannot grow new parts without leaving the dead ones behind. You cannot be settled until you have truly known the opposite. Find out what makes you tick and just keep running around the clock until you're happy enough to die.”

The album kicks off with the neck-snapping chug of the opener and first single, “Bring Back The Noise,” where gnashing harmonics and Lochie’s high-pitched screams punctuate waves of distortion. Scottie grins, “The lyrics fit how we perform live. The more we tour, the more fun we have on stage. ‘Bring Back The Noise’ encapsulates everything we are.”

“Sucks 2 Suck” hinges on a head-nodding groove, giving way to a bludgeoning bounce on the bridge. Lochie, the vocalist, adds depth to the track with his perspective, “It's about biting back at anyone saying you didn't work hard for the shit you have. If you had the ethic and tenacity, you'd have it too, but you suck so you don't.”

The legendary rapper Ice-T pulls up with a vibrantly venomous verse, and in his instantly recognizable delivery, he warns, “You coming for me? You gotta come better than that!”

“It’s the perfect crossover of hip-hop and metalcore,” Scottie goes on. “We decided to shoot for the stars and reach out to Ice-T. We gave him no reference, but he did exactly what we were hoping for! It’s classic.

“Whenever You’re Ready” unfolds with an airy haze, leading to an ominous beat and climaxing in a cathartic melodic chorus, “Breakdown if you want to, you can stay inside if you need to.”

“It’s about losing someone you love,” notes Scottie. “Musically, it’s a different song for us. We’re pushing boundaries and exploring new directions.”

“Mangekyō” delivers a sonic beatdown with guitars and rhythms in lockstep, while Half Living Things concludes on an epic note with “Ambivalence.” Cinematic keys underlie somber vocal transmissions as trudging distortion amplifies a final exorcism carried by a choir of friends from various bands.

“I love the big anthemic vibe at the end,” Scottie says. “It’s unique for us. Having all of our buddies on one song made the closing feel special too.”

In their own terms, Alpha Wolf continues to progress, and Scottie leaves off with a message: “We hope it connects. We’re incredibly proud of this record. It’s everything we want Alpha Wolf to be. These songs are heavy, but they’re fun. Jam it in your car, show it to your friends, and come out to a show.”

  • Lochie Keogh
  • Sabian Lynch
  • Mitch Fogarty
  • Scottie Simpson
  • John Arnold
    Bass & Vocals
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