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Amid the lockdowns in 2021, Nathan Verschoor (Uada) came together with Jeff Wilson (Chrome Waves, Deeper Graves, ex-Nachmystium) and Heath Rave (Lotus Thrones, ex-Wolvhammer) to collaborate on a project that would eventually use the nomenclature of ALTARS OF THE MOON. This union coalesced in Brahmastra, a two-track, twenty-eight-minute exploration into a more psychedelic and darker corner of doom metal than the trio’s main projects were known for. Released through Disorder Recordings, Brahmastra took the tone of Tiamat’s Wildhoney through a cloudy afternoon of hemlock tea and the mushrooms we’re told to stay away from as children. It was a truly miserable affair.


Now, two years later, the collective reconvenes, this time joined by Alan Cassidy (The Black Dhalia Murder) on drums to create the second chapter of ALTARS OF THE MOON, with the newly completed The Colossus And The Widow. An unclassifiable morass of doom and gloom, this thirty-five-minute excursion shows the group continuing to evolve their sonic monolith as time edges on.

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  • Heath Rave
  • Alan Cassidy
  • Nate Verschoor
    Guitar & Synth
  • Jeff Wilson
    Bass, Guitar, & Synth
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