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Ambulanz from Leipzig, Germany

Ambulanz! Surprise! Means ambulance! The short lived giggle of sniffing glue erased by the smell of rubber. Yes! Rubber like in a padded cell. Part of the band was raised in villages of the east German Twin Peaks county equivalent - the woods of Thuringia. Speaking of a padded cell - that is coming up tough as it gets if you ask me. Like the Simpsons intro they ease you into their small - town - punk saga with jingle - ish melodies just to rip you up again like the bad speed that is the main economic force in these parts of the woods! Their setup is drums - guitar - synth - bass - 2 vocals and it rules!

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  • Jonas
  • Felix
    Guitar & Vocals
  • Saskia
    Synth & Vocals
  • Claus
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