From Santa Ana, CA

Anachron from Santa Ana, CA

Anachron are a Technical Thrash Metal band that formed in in 2019 by bassist Addican Hatch,
guitarist and vocalist Jonathan Jimenez, and drummer Kevin Mejia. Based out of Santa Ana, California
and influenced by bands such as Coroner, Dark Angel, Target, Toxik, Vio-Lence, and Death. Their debut
3 song EP "Cycles of Hate" was released in August 2021.
Early 2022 they were joined by guitarist Josh Casarez to become a 4-piece and spent the rest of
the year playing heavily across California. Late 2022 they worked on recording their follow up 2-track
single "Captives of the Past", which will be released February 2023.

  • Kevin Mejia
  • Jonathan Jimenez
    Guitar & Vocals
  • Addican Hatch
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