Barren Womb

From Trondheim, Norway Fucking North Pole Records/Blues For The Red Sun

Barren Womb from Trondheim, Norway

Barren Womb are a Nordic noise rock duo formed in 2011 in Trondheim, Norway. The two-peice have been raising both eyebrows and hell with their minimalistic approach, earsplitting volume and defiant experimentation. They make efficient use of crude dynamics and the power of the riff to hammer their point across.

Through four critically acclaimed albums, a slew of EP’s and singles, and hundreds of shows across Europe and the US, Barren Womb have earned a reputation of being one of Norway’s hardest working bands. "Chemical Tardigrade", the duo's fifth album, is slated for release February 16, 2024 through Fucking North Pole Records/Blues For The Red Sun. Here they present a raw, bombastic slab of noise rock broken into 11 distinct pieces, all of which are as unhinged as they are unorthodox. Three singles have so far been released from the upcoming album, prompting Decibel Magazine to call them "a perfect combination of the Refused and Rocket From The Crypt" and IDIOTEQ to state that "Barren Womb stands distinct, a unique entity in a sea of sound-alikes". -

  • Timo Silvola
  • Tony Gonzalez
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