Bat Magic

From U.S.A. Babylon Doom Cult Records Since 01/2016

Bat Magic from U.S.A.

BAT MAGIC's black metal is bloodthirsty, aggressive, and exists with mal intent towards mortal life. Members of the mysterious and ever-growing Ordo Vampyr Orientis circle, BAT MAGIC's first utterance is one of power, hate, and majesty. - Clawhammer PR

  • Vespertine Screech
    Echolocatory Incantations
  • The Haunted Strigoi of Night
    6-Garroted Hell-Axe
  • The Ghastly Vrykolak
    Possessed Cithern
  • He Who Drinks the Blood of Sleeping Babies
    Ivory Merchant and Dealer
  • The Mighty Winged Necromancer
    Cave Rumblings
  • The Impaler
    Twin Stakes
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