Bees Made Honey In The Vein Tree

From Germany Magnetic Eye Records

Bees Made Honey In The Vein Tree from Germany

On a calm day, water can appear gentle and inviting. Yet what seems permeable and supple can become vicious and brutal in an instant, as anyone who has ever been caught in a storm at sea can attest. As such, water is the perfect elemental theme for "Aion", the third album of German psychedelic doom contenders BEES MADE HONEY IN THE VEIN TREE.

Lyrically, water is present on "Aion" both for its life-giving quality but also its darker and more ominous side. Musically,  BEES MADE HONEY deliver spacious, dynamic compositions that move from drifting tranquility to raging power. A constant tidal movement of ebb and flow translates into spaced-out guitars, pounding bass-lines, and dripping drum-fills, crowned by echoing clean vocals. Stylistically, the album easily transcends the psychedelic doom label previously attached to the band into something deeper and more resonant.

The seemingly endless mental vista of the seas that BEES MADE HONEY's sonic spaces develop also touch upon another important aspect of "Aion": time. The album title derives from the Greek word ἀιών (aiṓn), which translates as 'eternity' and has come to denote 'ages' in the English word 'aeon'. The songs on "Aion" cycle through a sense of compressing and expanding time, creating an elliptical pattern that can move from sudden to hypnotic and back.

BEES MADE HONEY IN THE VEIN TREE were founded in the German city of Stuttgart in 2014. With all four members having grown up together since childhood and coming from an academic background, the band had a clearly defined goal right from the start: to contrast crushing doom metal riffs with the spheric sounds of post- and psychedelic rock. This is emphasised by reverberating vocals that recite metaphorical lyrics and float through beautiful and heavy sonic spaces.

BEES MADE HONEY laid down their musical template with the debut album "Medicine" in 2017, which provided the solid foundation of their ever-evolving sound. Their sophomore full-length "Grandmother" (2019) expanded the sonic horizon through lower tuning, densely layered effects, faster passages, and harder vocals. The Germans also started performing live at home and abroad to continuously growing audiences, which led to the recording and release of "Harvestmen (live)" in 2022.

It is time to set sails and glide over the endless seas of time that BEES MADE HONEY IN THE VEIN TREE create on "Aion" for a glimpse of sparkling sonic stars and the beauty of eternity.

  • Simon Weinrich
    Guitar, Synth, & Vocals
  • Marc Dreher
    Drums & Vocals
  • Lucas Dreher
  • Christopher Popowitsch
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