Blackhouse Ltd.

From Hayden, IA Blackhouse Ltd.

Blackhouse Ltd. from Hayden, IA

Blackhouse Records is an American independent record label founded by Scott Rozell (drummer for Moral Crux and Scatterbox), and Tony Shields. The label is based in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho and was originally a logo created in 2000 for the purpose of selling Scatterbox records and promoting local Inland Northwest punk rock concerts Over the years, it has evolved into a moderate-sized independent record label. Throughout the 2000's, most of the bands on Blackhouse were punk and pop punk groups, while there are many heavy metal and rap acts signed to the label as well. Blackhouse started a short-lived imprint, "Totally Fucked", which signed noise and grindcore bands, however they all now roll up under the Blackhouse imprint. - Wikipedia

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