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Bovice from Chicago, IL

BOVICE: This Chicago based quartet has been forging their brand of fast-paced metallic hardcore since 2018.  With furious conviction, Bovice draws inspiration from crossover notables such as Merauder, Bolt Thrower and Fear Factory, to name a few.  Since their inception, Bovic have been a formidable powerhouse of in your face vocals and chuggy riffs over a pummeling bottom end of bass and drums.

In 2019, they self-released their inaugural demo and took it the streets by handing out the tapes to generate a “buzz” in an old school way.  In 2020, Chris Smith from Pittsburgh’s Hurtpiece picked up on Bovice’s trajectory and collaborated on a split release, Flatline EP, with the sponsorship by Upstate Records.  From there, the relationship with Upstate Records was born.

“When I heard Bovice for the first time, I was immediately intrigued by their unique style”, recalls Mario Cangemi from Upstate Records.  “There is something very special when bands with deep hardcore roots play metal music.  And Bovice is one of the best in the game that fuses both styles in their body of work”.

After dropping their 2020 two song promo, Bovice took advantage of the time during the pandemic to hone in on their sound and write Dreaming of Paradise full-length release.  Dreaming of Paradise is nothing short of non-stop pure fury and rage.  Recorded and mastered by Chicago’s infamous Bricktop Studios, Dreaming of Paradise hits hard with relentless back-breaking, face-crushing power and ferocity.

Dreaming of Paradise will be released September 23rd on CD and digitally on all major streaming platforms.

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