From New Orleans, LA Prosthetic Records

Brat from New Orleans, LA

BRAT's self described yassified look shirks more traditional metal imagery in favor of a pink-pilled Y2K aesthetic, with plenty of nods to their favorite femme pop icons. As the band sets their sights on making strides in the heavy metal and hardcore world, BRAT's end goal is to "put bimboviolence and barbiegrind on the map".

Through a consistent live presence that includes touring alongside NOLA legends EYEHATEGOD, labelmates ACxDC, Ringworm, fellow grindsters in No/Mas and contemporaries in Maul and Morbid Visions, BRAT has garnered praise from the likes of Revolver, Metal Injection, Metal Sucks and many more as a new band to watch.

  • Liz Selfish
  • Dustin Eagan
  • Ian Hennessey
  • Brenner Moate
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