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Brodequin from Knoxville, TN

The Brodequin was a French torture instrument used during the Middle Ages designed to destroy the legs of its victims. Enough ferocity was unleashed to not only shatter bone, but reduce the limbs to the point where the marrow would flow from the wounds.

Taking inspiration from this period in history three individuals from Knoxville, TN began composing music based off what was the most brutal of times. Brodequin chose and still uses period woodcuts and simple imagery from the era as a nod to its historical influence and as a way to demonstrate barbarity without the need for generic splatter illustrations that lack substance. This imagery would prove an important aspect of creating the bands unique brand among their peers and Brodequin’s version of brutal death metal. Brodequin is often cited as the band that pioneered the lyrical and visual themes of medieval punishment and torture used by many contemporary bands.

“…It doesn’t get darker than that. It’s just like this giant mess of darkness. And I also feel that total commitment to what they’re doing.” - Ben Monder Guitarist on David Bowie’s Blackstar

Musically the sound has been described as Deeds of Flesh meets Disgorge, but there are many elements that had an impact on the bands concept. Taking cues from not only the previously mentioned bands but a host from the underground such as Napalm Death, Cannibal Corpse, Gorgasm, Nile, Last Days of Humanity, Dead Infection and many more.

In addition to small tours throughout the United States and Canada Brodequin has performed at multiple international festivals including Hellfest (France), Maryland Deathfest (Maryland), Obscene Extreme (Czech Republic), Deathfeast (Germany), XXXAPADA (Portugal), Colombian Abomination (Colombia), The Netherlands Deathfest (Netherlands) Las Vegas Deathfest (Nevada) and multiple smaller festivals in the U.S., Europe, and South America.

2000 - Instruments of Torture
2002 - Created to Kill (Split with Aborted & Misery Index)
2002 - Festival of Death
2003 - Prelude to Execution
2004 - Methods of Execution
2021 - Perpetuation of Suffering

  • Jamie Bailey
    Bass & Vocals
  • Mike Bailey
  • Brennan Shackelford
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