Bye Bye Tsunami

From Copenhagen, Denmark Nefarious Industries Since 12/2020

Bye Bye Tsunami from Copenhagen, Denmark

BYE BYE TSUNAMI is a group of sick individuals who thrive in uncertainty and find delight in the entropy of noise. The Copenhagen-based trio employs disrupted rhythms, unique/self-built futuristic wind instruments, and heartbreaking cyborg screams to expand the musical language beyond its wildest horizons. Scavenging the distressing remnants of a future no one wished for, the band is redefining the new era of post-real. The members first met in pre-pandemic era Copenhagen after being respectively active in the noise/experimental/jazz/metal scenes of Berlin, Copenhagen, and Amsterdam. Willing to realize their life dream of forming a dysfunctional boy band, in 2020 they finally give birth to BYE BYE TSUNAMI: monsters giving birth to other monsters. - Earsplit PR

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  • Lorenzo Colocci
    Flute, Flaubosax & Electronics
  • Søren Høi
  • Uldis Vitols
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