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Caivano from New Jersey

Producer, engineer, multi-instrumentalist and rhythm guitarist for acclaimed rock band Monster Magnet, Phil Caivano has been a groundbreaking visionary behind the scenes and soundboards for over 4 decades. Aside from his enduring axe work with Monster Magnet, his talents as a guitarist and musical architect have been utilized by the likes of Hatebreed, L7 and Agnostic Front to name a few.

Caivano made his intro as a teen in the late 70’s with the major label punk band Shrapnel, featuring future Monster Magnet bandmate Dave Wyndorf and Daniel Rey (producer – The Ramones/White Zombie/Misfits), who released a few 7” records and an EP before disbanding.

Caivano’s musical journey was only getting started though. In the late 80’s he helped found the thrash metal band Blitzspeer who released their sole full-length with a major label in 1991. From there, Caivano’s path led him to pick up the bass for storied NY hardcore band Murphy’s Law for a few years before turning his attention to production and engineering.

Through the years of close friendship with Monster Magnet vocalist/guitarist Dave Wyndorf, Caivano was asked to join in 1998. The same year they released their monumental, breakout album “Powertrip.” Since then, he’s been a pillar of the band’s signature sound, writing, recording and performing with the band on 6 of their last albums, including their most recent “A Better Dystopia” (2021).

With his debut solo record, Caivano’s story continues as he makes yet another exceptional mark on the rock scene with the same intensity and vitality as he did at his inception decades ago.

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