Cashing In

From Dallas, TX Open Window Records Since 06/2019

Cashing In from Dallas, TX

Slowly but surely Cashing In has been gaining momentum, though the trials of life have kept the band members fleet a foot. A band that started out of a love of hardcore, Chris (drums) and James (guitar) put some songs together and searched for members with an equal vision. Members came and went until they met Dan (bass) who had been playing bass in another punk/hardcore band. They soon recruited Paul to sing and the lineup was solidified. Bryan shortly later came on board and a demo was cut. Cashing In spent time growing and refining songs. Then COVID hit...and things came to a standstill in society. The band tried to maintain a sense of normalcy and they decided to focus their effort on recording and releasing some new songs. Biding our time patiently until the world begins to circulate normally again, Cashing In is poised to further the stance of the music that they love so much. This story will continue...

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  • Paul Amander
  • Chris Simms
  • James Manning
  • Daniel Hall
  • Poly Bunger
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