Cave Bastard

From San Diego, CA Accident Prone Records Since 11/2014

Cave Bastard from San Diego, CA

Ripped from the void and placed in a flesh prison to inflict discreation upon the universe, so begins the saga of CAVE BASTARD. Founded in 2014 by bassist Troy Oftedal (ex-Cattle Decapitation), guitarist Nick Padron (ex-Bridge Jumper), and vocalist Steve Pearce (ex-Ritual Torture) in San Diego, California, the band chronicles the physical manifestation of malice, chaos, and suffering. First releasing a split 12″ record with BLK OPS in 2017, followed by their debut album, The Bleak Shall Devour the Earth in 2018 (both recorded by legendary “engine-ear” Billy Anderson), CAVE BASTARD garnered attention through blistering live performances across the Western and Southwestern US.

  • Troy Oftedal
  • Steve Pearce
  • Adolfo Acuna
  • Sergio Carlos
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