Cell Press

From Montreal, Quebec, Canada The Ghost Is Clear Records

Cell Press from Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Cell Press is a Montreal-based band that formed in 2019. They play a sort of burly noise-rock that leans more on the hardcore and metal side of the swamp. Members have played in a myriad of punk, metal, and hardcore bands such as The Great Sabatini, Biipiigwan, I Hate Sally, The Chariot, Animal Ethics, Architect, Swarm Of Spheres, and Angles. They are releasing their first full-length album “Cages” this March.

Cell Press is very proud of being from the city of Montreal and the province of Quebec, they like to express that subtly in certain songs and areas where it is artistically appropriate without coming across as corny.

  • Mark McGee
  • Tristan Dorrington-Meehan
  • Sean Arsenian
    Guitar & Vocals
  • PQ
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