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Coilguns from La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland

The members of the Swiss punk-noise band Coilguns—Jona Nido (guitar), Louis Jucker (vocals) and Luc Hess (drums)—have known one another for over 20 years, first becoming acquainted as teenagers in their hometown of La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland.While the three of them played as touring musicians for German post-metal act The Ocean Collective, Nido approached Hess and Jucker about forming their own band, and Coilguns was born. After building up international buzz with a series of intense shows, 2013 saw the release of Coilguns’ debut full-length album, ‘Commuters’, which could easily share shelf space with Dillinger Escape Plan and Converge. Recorded live in-studio with only minimal vocal overdubs, ‘Commuters’ was followed by three songs Coilguns contributed to a split EP with fellow Swiss musicians Abraham in 2014, including the 13-minute epic “The Archivist,” which features Baroness founding member Pete Adams.2018’s ‘Millennials’ and 2019’s ‘Watchwinders’ came soon after, renting a studio for a month and arriving without a single note written. They then raced to write, record and mix each LP before running out of studio time—a seemingly suicidal process that nonetheless resulted in the continued refinement of the band. Both albums earned acclaim all around Europe, with ‘Watchwinders’ easily making the leap across the Atlantic and gathering attention—not to mention rave reviews—in North America. Since then, Coilguns have performed crowd-destroying sets at 2021’sSoulcrusher Festival and Motocultor Festival 2023while switching up the writing process to inspire their new songs. With a thriving community, international renown, burgeoning proteges and legions of devoted fans behind them, Coilguns is primed to take Europe—and, the way things are going, North America—by storm with their new material.

  • Kevin Galland
    Synth & Vocals
  • Luc Hess
    Drums & Percussion
  • Louis Jucker
    Vocals & Guitar
  • Jonoathan Nido
    Guitar & Vocals
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