From Oslo, Norway Vinter Records Since 10/2019

Damokles from Oslo, Norway

Damokles, based in Oslo, Norway, was founded during the autumn of 2019, and has since its inception been busy recording new material. The band consists of Kristian Liljan(Dunderbeist), Gøran Karlsvik (This Sect, Contrarian), FrodePettersen (No Life Orchestra, Schtöggminator) and John Birkeland (Dunderbeist, Melkeveien).


Inspiration-wise, Damokles are influenced by the more emotional side of DIY punk and hardcore, plus related indie rock, as well as 80s pop music, with equal focus given to noisy anger and toxic pop hooks.

  • Kristian Liljan
  • Gøran Karlsvik
  • Frode Pettersen
  • John Birkeland
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