Day Job

From Birmingham, AL Hex Records

Day Job from Birmingham, AL

DAY JOB is a fairly new band from Birmingham, AL comprised of two individuals who have been playing with one another in a variety of other bands around the area over a long period of time and a recent transplant with a resume of their own.

Day Job started with Brenton and Kevin wanting to work on something more aggressive than their two other active bands, Null and Bulging. After jamming with several different drummers, they watched scene newcomer Jake pummel through a live set and found their fit, ultimately landing on what is now Day Job. After spending about 6 months writing and playing their initial shows, the trio recorded a debut EP with Shibby Poole (Thirdface, Yautja) in early 2022. Hex Records took quick notice of the group and a deal for a full length was quickly struck up.

As an introduction of sorts, the band recorded a few more tracks which were released through Hex as a limited split tape release with Wipes, also on the Hex label.  Day Job then began the writing process for their debut full length, “The Auger”, in February 2023. The whole procedure of writing and recording took just 6 months and in that time the band played live only once so that they could pour everything into writing new material.  Day Job then returned to Nashville where they recorded every single sound on the record in 4 days, from July 8-11, once again with Shibby Poole behind the board.

The result is “The Auger” - a 10-song crusher of big riffs, sludgy bass, and morose heaviness. The band has developed beyond their earlier KARP/Unsane worship and added unsettling melodies, moments of trance-like repetition akin to the members' other work in Null, as well as the tasteful use of various effects pedals to add texture and emphasis to these otherwise hammering songs.

So what is “The Auger” about? As Kevin states, “it sort of started as a song idea that Brenton had to write a song about digging a hole. As we got closer to recording I said ‘we should just write the whole record about digging a hole’ and that’s what we did. The record is about digging a hole.”

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