From Vienna, Austria Reptilian Records

Desolat from Vienna, Austria

Established in 2018, DESOLAT’s grimy noise rock is rooted in hardcore/punk and infused with elements of sludge, crust, and death metal created by three veterans of the Viennese DIY anarcho punk scene, current and former members of Phal:Angst, Cyruss, Dim Prospects, La Ligne Maginot, Gfrast, Face The Owl, Radikalkur, E.M.S., and others. The band’s beginning days were cut short as COVID-19 lockdowns were put into place after playing only three shows. Nevertheless, they have since managed to release two EPs and one LP, with album number two now on the way.

  • Alfred
    Vocals & Guitar
  • Klaus
  • Mentl
    Drums & Sampling
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