Drift Away

From Portland, OR

Drift Away from Portland, OR

Originally called Oracle, American metalcore band Drift Away started in 2017 as a lunch on the north side of Portland, Oregon between five friends, years separated after their previous band called it a day. Vocalist Ernell Pearson, guitarist Bryce Kreklow, guitarist Daniel Grigg, bassist Taylor Barrett, and drummer Travis Morlan decided it was too early for them to give up on the full-length’s worth of music they had written before. The band quickly set to work on rewriting. Soon after, Grigg left the band and the group continued on as a quartet. The following year saw the band release their debut single 'Haunted' as a BVTV exclusive, quickly garnering over 15,000 views and 5,000+ listeners in a matter of a few days.

As the four-piece came closer to playing live shows, the global COVID-19 pandemic quickly became much more than just a news headline and suddenly, the band had to change trajectory. Their second single 'Never Really Here' was released in September 2021 through BVTV and soon after, bassist Barrett parted ways with the band. The following year saw the band release a cover of Linkin Park’s 'Papercut' as the remaining members completed production on their first album and quickly after, bassist Jesus “Jag” Galeana was added to the line-up.

2023 came around the corner, and the newly reformed quartet have since played two nearly sold-out shows and are now setting to release their next single 'Where The Air Stands Still' off of their debut EP Chapter 1: Misery.

  • Ernell Pearson
  • Bryce Kreklow
  • Jesus "Jag" Galeana
  • Travis Morlan
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