From Burlington, VT Iodine Recordings

Drowningman from Burlington, VT

The late '90s were a bountiful time for metallic hardcore, and few did it like Drowningman.

Formed in Burlington, Vermont, the band was a staple of the northeast, fitting in perfectly with fellow acts like Converge and Cave In. In Drowningman's case, there's a level of confidence on display in that early work that you wouldn't hear elsewhere. They could get discordant and heavy as all hell, but finesse songs into more mellow affairs. Tracks like the standout "Sadder Than Saturday" show a level of songwriting that weaves between the extreme and serene. Blending noise rock, big room anthems and gigantic riffs, it’s been an if you know, you know staple among metalcore-heads for decades.

Now is a perfect time for the new generation to dive in.

  • Simon Brody
  • Javin Leonard
  • Daryl Rabidoux
  • Dave Barnett
  • Topdd Tomlinson
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