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DYS from Boston, MA

Taking their name from the Department of Youth Services, Massachusett’s infamous way station for troubled teens, as well as Alice Cooper’s song “Department of Youth”, DYS were one of the East Coast's first straight-edge hardcore bands. Formed from inside SS Decontrol’s notorious "Boston Crew.” The band preached a passionate belief in drug-free living and the idea that a shared musical and social taste could help create regional brotherhoods or crews. DYS were also one of the first hardcore bands to take a hard right-hand turn into the realm of heavy metal, helping to define and shape "crossover" in the same way they influenced straight-up hardcore.

DYS originally released two albums: Brotherhood, produced by the now legendary Lou Giordano, which set a fashion sense and musical attitude for the whole generation of “youth crew” bands who dominated hardcore’s second wave and DYS, a self-titled album that took a markedly different “metal” direction than their debut. Looking back, DYS defined a moment in hardcore as specifically and passionately as Brotherhood. Love it or hate it, the band's second album was fully committed to the musical complexity, tempos, riffs, frequent solos and stylings of influential alternative metal bands of the era. DYS stepped out of the confines of hardcore and swung big and boldly at this new direction. As before, the road DYS paved early was soon heavily travelled. “Crossover” became the word of the day in the mid-to-late '80s, as hardcore changed forever.

Reforming in the summer of 2010, DYS headlined a show in front of over 1,000 fans. This triumphant homecoming was filmed for xxx ALL AGES xxx, a documentary about 1980s hardcore punk scene in Boston. Since then, DYS has gone on to play/announce shows at the House of Blues, Boston, MA, in support of the Mighty Mighty Bosstones' 13th annual Hometown Throwdown, NYC, Baltimore, Philly, Sound & Fury Festival in Santa Barbara, Rumble Fest in Chicago and the legendary Gilman in Berkeley, CA.

The band continues to play today, and even hit the studio for new material during their reunion, with Bridge Nine issuing a series of brand new, one-off digital singles by the band from 2011 to 2012.

  • Dave Smalley
  • Franz Stahl
  • Jonathan Anastas
  • Adam Porris
  • Al Pahanish Jr.
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