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Eihwar from France

Since their appearance on YouTube in February 2023, EIHWAR has shook the Internet and concert venues. Although no promotion has been made and nothing is known about the two musicians, most of EIHWAR's concerts are sold out and we already know that the band will be scheduled at big European festivals in 2024.

Being part of a new generation of neo-Viking bands, they produce an empowering and brutal dancefloor music, composed of hybrid sounds, trance vocals, shamanic drums, traditional Nordic sounds and powerful machines. EIHWAR is sacrilegious. As the web already says, the duo is a kind of new 'Viking Carpenter Brut'.

They are currently working on their first album which will be released before the end of 2024.

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  • Asrunn
    Vocals & Percussion
  • Mark
    Vocals, Drum Pads, & Samples
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