Empire Demolition

From Denver, CO

Empire Demolition from Denver, CO

Formed in 2022, Empire Demolition is the musical coalescence of Justin Redington (vocals/bass), Kendrick Lemke (guitar/vocals), and Nicholas Herrera (drums). Lemke (previously guitar for BodyboxGraveviewCyclopean Blood Temple) and Herrera played in bands together in Florida from 2010-2017 including Crystal Balls and Waste, and started making music together again in Colorado around the end of 2021. A few months after the recruitment of Justin Redington (previously of California’s She is the Disaster) and official start of the band in the middle of 2022, the trio played one live performance at a print shop in Lakewood, CO before focusing their energy into creating their debut body of work.

Taking a decidedly DIY approach, the band chose Lemke to take the helm of the recording project, and enlisted Duncan Slack to capture Herrera’s live drums over a few days in May 2023 in the band’s practice space. Lemke then engineered the rest of the album, with guitar and bass sessions taking place at his apartment over the summer and vocal sessions taking place in Redington’s basement. Defenestration was produced by the band and mixed and mastered by Lemke. Art and layout for the release was also created by the band.

  • Justin Redington
    Vocals & Bass
  • Kendrick Lemke
    Guitar & Vocals
  • Nicholas Herrera
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