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Expander from Austin, TX

EXPANDER has subverted traditional band trajectories to receive global recognition of their unique brand of futuristic metalpunk since forming in 2014. With their second full-length album, Neuropunk Boostergang, the group aggressively channels the anxieties foisted on us from oppressive systems using every weapon at their disposal: pummeling rhythms, transcendent melodies and wild vocal deliveries that keep listeners on guard for whatever might come crawling from the wastes next.


Should we retain our humanity in the face of constant neurological assault? Is the physical body altogether obsolete? What otherworldly landscapes plagued by grotesque overlords will we find ourselves surviving next? With Neuropunk BoostergangEXPANDER mercilessly answers these questions with the fist of flesh and mind of machine.” - Earsplit PR

  • Guzzler
    Anti-coin Infohacker
  • Swirly
    Hellvan Enforcer
  • Keymaster
    Industry Mutineer
  • Gen. Ham
    Levogyre Mechalord
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