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Fearing from Oakland, CA

FEARING is a dark post-punk band based in California. The group was created by James Rogers and Brian Vega, two producers who came to be friends years before while going to hardcore shows in Reno, Nevada. After spending the next decade touring in various bands, the two reconnected while living in Oakland, California over their shared interest in darkwave and electronic music.  Having started FEARING as a 4 piece guitar band with full acoustic drums, to now touring and recording as a 3 electronic hybrid (which includes Joey Camello on guitar), the group has showcased a potential to grow and change in a way that keeps their fan's interested, and their live performances unique.

Since their debut EP A Life Of None (2017), followed by their widely celebrated Black Sand EP (2018), FEARING have been procuring a constant flow of commendable releases.  Through vigorous touring and live endeavors (having toured alongside the likes of Gatecreeper, She Wants Revenge, Soft Kill, Choir Boy, Narrow Head, and Death Bells, along with playing notable festivals as Substance, Home Sick, and Out From The Shadows), and since the release of ShadowFEARING have cemented themselves at the apex of today's post-punk and darkwave movements.

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