Filth Is Eternal

From Seattle, WA MNRK Heavy

Filth Is Eternal from Seattle, WA

Filth is Eternal’s front person Lis Di Angelo and guitarist Brian McClelland have spent over a decade in Seattle’s music scene cultivating a potent sense of community. In the 2010s, they were a part of a DIY collective in Seattle, a space for people to air their feelings of personal and political frustrations. Over the years, they’ve fundraised for anti-racism, safe abortion, LGBTQ+ non-profits at their shows and Di Angelo remains diligent about furthering their support as a peer. Filth is Eternal serves as an extension of their efforts. The band’s ground rules: immediacy must be prioritized. The music must be something you can easily grab on to. They must be vital and exciting.

Since their formation, Filth is Eternal has organically grown a following for their head-turning, feral live shows, philanthropies and dynamic output.

  • Emily Salisbury
  • Lis Di Angelo
  • Rah Davis
  • Brian McClelland
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