Frayed Ends BC

From Belfast, Ireland

Frayed Ends BC from Belfast, Ireland

Frayed Ends BC is a Belfast based hardcore band blending styles of old school Punk

and D-Beat with modern metal influences. Formed over the pandemic lockdown by

Eddie Cross (Vocals) and Robbie Beckett (Guitars), they recorded their debut EP

“Belfast Hardcore” as a two piece with guest spots by members of Acid Age,

Congenital Abnormalities, At Their Mercy and more. This was covered by City of

Culture magazine, and they soon decided to turn the project into a live band.


The live lineup came together in October 2022 with Deane Montgomery joining on

drums, Steve Martin on guitar and backing vocals and Zac McBride on bass. They

set about writing their new EP “Strive” which took a more modern and aggressive

twist. Since then they debuted supporting Unsane, appeared at Crypt of the Riff

Festival and played alongside Ireland’s finest hardcore bands at the sold out As One

Festival in Dublin’s Grand Social with plenty booked for the rest of 2024.

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  • Eddie Cross
  • Robbie Beckett
  • Zac McBride
  • Steve Martin
    Guitar & Vocals
  • Deane Montgomery
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