Grand Cadaver

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Grand Cadaver from Sweden

When the world abruptly shut-down due to the global pandemic in 2020, people started looking for other ways to communicate with each other and engage in various projects during the lock-down. 
That's exactly what five long time friends from Gothenburg and Stockholm and with a mutual love for the classical HM-2 Swedish death metal sound did.

Mikael Stanne from Dark Tranquillity and The Halo Effect, Stefan Lagergren from The Grifted, formerly of Treblinka/Tiamat and Expulsion, Alex Stjernfeldt from Novarupta, Child and formerly of Mr. Death, Christian Jansson of Pagandom and Dark Tranquillity and Daniel Liljekvist of Disrupted, Vorder, and formerly of Katatonia, they have all been a part of the Swedish extreme metal scene since their youth and decided to get together to form Grand Cadaver.

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  • Stefan Lagergren
  • Alex Stjernfeldt
  • Daniel Liljekvist
  • Christian Jansson
  • Mikael Stanne
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