Grave Bathers

From Philadelphia, PA Seeing Red Records

Grave Bathers from Philadelphia, PA

Decimating audiences with high decibel, high energy live performances since forming in 2018, GRAVE BATHERS quickly gained notoriety with their ambitious Feathered Serpent/Death Hand 7” EP released via Seeing Red Records in 2020. Upon first listen, The Sleeping Shaman hailed the band’s, “epic riffs, piercing Robert Plant vocals, tales of outlaws and bloodshed, all above some truly gorgeous bass work,” while Doomed And Stoned lauded “a sound that shuffles well with the rockier side of Pentagram, Black Sabbath, and Portland street doomers R.I.P.” Metal Temple called the EP, “the epitome of doom metal,” adding, “[it] deserves a listen through the graveyard.” The band’s authentic blend of bombastic boogie, booty shaking hard rock, heavy psych, and episodic doom earned them both critical acclaim and the momentum to pick up endorsements by Orange Amplifiers and Ampturco Guitar Werks.



Their momentum should be no surprise however: the band boasts the decibel-smashing guitarist Jaret Salvat-Rivera of Heavy Temple as their lead riff ripper and drummer Sean Lafferty of Yatra forg their most dominant lineup yet. The talent-stacked Voltron has since earned thousands of fans online through their iconic style, viral gear porn, vintage analog recording methods, and Spotify presence; all with only three singles out.


And now, the fuzzed-out, full-stack aficionados reemerge with the most unholy album recorded in rock n’ roll’s most holy of ground: Memphis, Tennessee, where hard rock fetishists did things the authentic way. Rock ‘N’ Roll Fetish was captured live-to-tape at the analog-centric Memphis Magnetic recording facility


by​ Davis M. Shubs and Drew Robinson, engineered by Matt Qualls and Davis M. Shubs, mixed by Matt Qualls, Davis M. Shubs, and Drew Robinson and mastered by Grammy Award winner Pete Lyman (Tom Waits, The Mars Volta) at Infrasonic East in Nashville, Tennessee.

  • Jaret Salvat-Rivera
  • Sean Lafferty
  • Davis M. Shubs
  • Drew Robinson
  • Steve Capitanio
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