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Gravenoire from France

GRAVENOIRE was formed in early 2022 by Maximilien Brigliadori (BÂ'A, Diablation, former Hyrgal), Emmanuel Zuccaro (BÂ'A, Verfallen, former Hyrgal), Vicomte Vampyr Arkames (Diablation (former Seth / Ad-Inferna) and RMS Hreidmarr (Glaciation, BÂ'A, former Anorexia Nervosa / The CNK), with the clear intention of reconnecting with their past and a somewhat uncompromising vision of '90s Black Metal.

The band's first EP, Devant la porte des étoiles, was recorded live on rehearsal, with no tracking, no triggers, no click track, no artifice. No compromise with reality, for it is through it and by it that we foresee other dimensions.

Gravenoire is not, however, merely nostalgic or backward-looking; it's a project deeply rooted in its native lands, in their popular as well as spiritual and mystical traditions, drawing its essence from sacred places, cosmic architecture and primordial telluric forces.

"The cosmos is a revolving door".

  • Maximilien Brigliadori
    Guitar & Bass
  • Emmanuel Zuccaro
    Drums & Keys
  • Vicomte Vampyr Arkames
  • RMS Hreidmarr
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