From Hudson Valley, NY Nefarious Industries

Gridfailure from Hudson Valley, NY

The genesis of GRIDFAILURE unexpectedly took place in February of 2016 when solitary member David Brenner (Theologian, ex-Heidnik, Earsplit/The Compound Recs) began to conduct Frankensteinian experimentation on material collected from various recording sessions. The mutated pieces began cannibalizing each other in an uncontrollable downfall; instead of ending the experiment under acres of hard earth immediately, the confused creator dove headlong into the abyss. The debut GRIDFAILURE recordings have converged into a perplexing, exploratory attack on the senses, dubbed Ensuring The Bloodline Ends Here, with eight movements conceived, performed, recorded, produced, and packaged by Brenner, utilizing electric and acoustic guitar/bass, violins, harmonica, keyboards, electronics, chimes, drums, bongos, chains, bells, incineration, bizarre weather systems, tools, and mammals. Layers of unorthodox instrumentation ethereally infested by unhinged waves of unharnessed vocal exploration and punishing rants formulate a biomechanical mistake neither man or nature want to claim. - Earsplit PR

  • Dave Brenner
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