Gut Instinct

From Baltimore, MD

Gut Instinct from Baltimore, MD

GUT INSTINCT formed in Baltimore, Maryland in 1989. Their first release was the 'Rage And Fury' demo cassette. It was aptly titled, as all 6 songs were packed with musical hostility, and an in-your-face anti-racist theme in the lyrics. Musically taking influence from the scene that was exploding in NYC, from the likes of RAW DEAL, BREAKDOWN, THE ICEMEN, and others. Soon after their demo was released, they were asked by Cornerstone Records to record a 7". The 'Disturbing The Peace' 7" was released in 1990, and received rave reviews! They also recorded 2 extra songs, 'No Trust' & 'Vicious Circle'. 'No Trust' appeared on a 7" compilation titled 'Change For The Better', while 'Vicious Circle' was never released. They shared the stage with just about every hardcore band that hit the DC/MD area, including JUDGE, KILLING TIME, SICK OF IT ALL, LEEWAY, MERAUDER, SHEER TERROR, TOKEN ENTRY, TURNING POINT, OUTBURST, UPPERCUT, and many more! In mid-1991, the line-up changed slightly, with the addition of a 2nd guitarist, and a new bass player. With this line-up, they went into the studio in 1992 & recorded the 'Off The Deep End' demo sessions. These songs saw the bands sound evolve to a more metallic style, with the songs being much longer than the previous recordings - but still sounding like them 100%. These four songs were the last they ever recorded, as the band decided to call it quits in late-1992. They played a one-time reunion show with the bass player from the final line-up in 1996 to a ravenous crowd that was thrilled to see them on-stage again. Ten years later, in July of 2006, the band took the stage again for 3 shows(Baltimore/Delaware/CBGB's in NYC) to celebrate the release of this discography cd. These shows saw the return of the original bass player from the 1st demo & 7" sessions, with the 2nd bass player taking over on 2nd guitar duties. The shows were a great success, showing the time's may have changed, but the band was just as ferocious as ever!

  • Sebastian Gorgone
  • Mike Lars
  • Mike Caver
  • Grant Sheehan
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