Hands Of Goro

From San Francisco, CA BSP Records

Hands Of Goro from San Francisco, CA

HANDS OF GORO formed in November 2016 with the shared desire to strike fear of the infamous half-man/half-dragon into the heart of humanity. Hailing from opposite sides of the pond, founding guitarist Tom Draper (Spirit Adrift, ex-Carcass and Angel Witch-live) and bassist Adrian Maestas (Slough Feg) conspired to form a band that would spearhead a sound known as the Third Wave Of British Heavy Metal (TWOBHM). In 2020, the two recruited drummer Avinash Mittur (Nite, Wretched Stench), completing the current lineup.


As society slowly re-emerged from pandemic life, HANDS OF GORO set about simply recording two songs in the summer of 2021. Between unearthing old numbers and writing new ones though, the planned humble seven-inch grew into a menacing full-length, which now arrives as the band’s eponymous debut album. The eight songs on Hands Of Goro thunder with elements of anthemic, epic, traditional heavy metal with torrents of harmonized savagery and brief ventures into the likes of punk, classic rock, and more.


With evident intrinsic influence from their metal-fertile home region flowing through its veins, the beast writhes with a slightly whimsical originality that will attract a wide range of diehards from the more traditional realms of the heavy metal spectrum.


The shadow of the four-armed beast is cast. Goro will dominate over Earthrealm.


  • Tom Draper
    Guitar, Vocals, & Synths
  • Avinash Mittur
    Drums & Vocals
  • Adrian Maestas
    Bass, Vocals, & Synths
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