Hazing Over

From Pittsburgh, PA 1126 Records

Hazing Over from Pittsburgh, PA

As if harnessing the energy of the apocalypse in short-controlled bursts, HAZING OVER tempers unapologetic metallic bludgeoning with a hardcore groove, pit-splitting power, and unexpected catchiness. The Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania quintet — Jake Yencik (vocals), Owen Traynor (guitar, synth), Patrick Fabila (guitar), Shantanu Vyas (bass), and Ryan Yester (drums) — teeters between a gloriously repugnant distorted buzz and searing rhythms.


After initially making waves under the name of Shin Guard, the band reconfigured and officially roared to life as HAZING OVER on the 2021 Pestilence EP. It clocked over a half-million streams on Spotify—unprecedented for a collective this extreme. Stereogum fittingly hailed it as, “some wild shit.” Meanwhile, they incinerated stages with the likes of Nothing, Nowhere. Building a rabid audience independently and earning widespread acclaim from taste making outlets like Flood, BrooklynVegan, and more, they hone this approach into a more dynamic and dangerous beast on their 2023 EP, Tunnel Vision.

  • Owen Traynor
  • Jake Yencik
  • Cody Walsh
  • Shantanu Vyas
  • Ryan Yester
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