Heart Of A Coward

From Milton Keynes, UK Arising Empire Records

Heart Of A Coward from Milton Keynes, UK

HEART OF A COWARD have come a long way since their inception in 2009 - racking up admirable praise from press and fans alike, not forgetting the countless touring miles under their belts. Defined by their sheer power and tenacity, HEART OF A COWARD are celebrated stalwarts of the British metal scene, known for their dynamic live shows and masterful performances. Their focus has always been on producing crushing, yet discerning heavy music; their sound defined by its combination of pure force and expertise, complimented by more subtle, emotional moments and personal narratives. With the addition of new front-man Kaan Tasan in early 2018, HEART OF A COWARD are excited to herald in a new era, alongside the myriad of possibilities that new creative blood holds.

The band's music is known for its heavy and aggressive sound, which combines elements of metalcore, deathcore, and djent. They are also known for incorporating melodic elements into their music, creating a balance between heaviness and melody.

Heart Of A Coward released their debut album, »Hope and Hindrance« in 2012, which received critical acclaim and helped establish the band's sound and style. They have since released several other albums, including »Severance« (2013), »Deliverance« (2015), and »The Disconnect« (2019).

Throughout their career, Heart Of A Coward has toured extensively, performing at various festivals and sharing stages with other popular metal bands. Their music has gained a significant following, particularly in the UK metal scene, and they continue to be a prominent force in the genre. - Arising Empire Official Website

  • Kaan Tasan
  • Carl Ayers
    Guitar & Vocals
  • Dan Thornton
  • Vishal "V" Khetia
  • Christopher "Noddy" Mansbridge
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