From New Orleans, LA

Herakleion from New Orleans, LA

New Orleans' "Death-Thrash" juggernaut, HERAKLEION, is a direct descendant of the pioneers of 1980s thrash and deathmetal. The band's members bonded over of a shared love ofSepultura, Death, Voïvod, Obituary, Keator, and Morbid Angel. 

With the lineup complete in April 2021, the HERAKLEION sound developed rapidly. Over the next few months, the band wrote fervently and rehearsed incessantly.

Recording for their first EP began in August 2021. The bandwas fiercely adamant about staying true to the recording and production style that was found on all the defining 1980s thrash and death metal albums. The resulting effort, Curse of Eternity, mixed by Duane Simoneaux (Exhorder, Crowbar, Down), is a piece of work that holds up to the listening standards of today while maintaining the ethos that defined many of metal's most storied albums. The EP was released on February 18, 2022. 

HERAKLEION spent 2022 onstage building a loyal and rabid fanbase with relentless, pummeling live shows across the southern US; including dates with Goatwhore, Malevolent Creation, and Vomit Forth.

2023 starts off with bang, as HERAKLEION issue a vinyl release of Curse of Eternity and a head out for weeklong run of North American dates in support of Goatwhore, in early January.

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  • Apollo
    Guitar & Vocals
  • Christian
  • Speed
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