From Richmond, VA Since 11/2014

Hewolf from Richmond, VA

Hewolf is the partnering of 3 longtime friends in late 2014. This ear-polluting power-trio has simmered like a thick stew in Richmond Virginia, USA, featuring ex-members of Alabama Thunderpussy, Iron Reagan, Darkest Hour, HRM, and many more. Taking influence from Quicksand, Soundgarden, Queens of the Stone Age, and Mastodon, Hewolf has quickly grown into a catchy dark dirty triple-threat of heavy grunge-metal.

Hewolf is a finely-tuned collaboration of Paul Burnette (bass & vocals), Johnny Throckmorton (guitars), and Erik Josephson (drums). This soul-kicking supergroup has let loose 4 EPs and is ready to unleash another. Their upcoming EP is a well crafted soundtrack for a film that has become yet another casualty of the global pandemic. The movie “Iron Survivor 2: Rock Always Wins” was going to tell the tale of Danny Laredo who wandered too deep into the dangerous underground world of high-stakes Rock Paper Scissors Competitions. Now with the movie buried, Hewolf has decided to release their bombastic tracks from this deceased cinematic corpse.

Playing with other RVA legends like RAWG (GWAR), Iron Reagan, and Suppression, Hewolf has impressed those in attendance with their genuine blend of classic uncured heaviness.

FFOs: Soundgarden, Queens of the Stone Age, Guns N' Roses and Mastodon. - Hewolf EPK

  • Paul Burnette
    Vocals & Bass
  • Erik Josephson
  • Johnny Throckmorton
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