High Desert Queen

From Austin, TX Magnetic Eye Records

High Desert Queen from Austin, TX

Emerging from the rich Texas heavy rock scene, High Desert Queen are a one of a kind hard rock force.

Formed in 2019 by Ryan Garney and Rusty Miller behind an eclectic backdrop of influences, HDQ began
creating their own sound that can only be described as "Texas Heavy." After adding Phil Hook on drums
and Rusty's daughter Morgan on bass, the band was ready to hit the ground running.

After releasing their debut album in 2021 to rave reviews, High Desert Queen has done more than turn
heads, they've been making them move. After several successful US and European tours that have
showcased their incredibly high level live performances, HDQ feels they've just begun to put their foot on
the gas.

With a new album on the horizon, roll down the windows, hit the cruise control, and turn the volume up!
HDQ brings the Texas heat with them wherever they go. Keep your ear to the road, you will not want to
miss your chance to see them live.

  • Ryan Garney
  • Rusty Miller
  • Morgan Miller
  • Phil Hook
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