Hold My Own

From Illinois & New Jersey

Hold My Own from Illinois & New Jersey

Hailing from Chicago and New Jersey, Hold My Own are creating 100% pure, in-your-face hardcore. With the band members associated acts including The Mongoloids, Shattered Realm, MH Chaos, World Demise, and Sector, it’s no surprise Hold My Own are pumping out fiery tracks made for moshing.


Formed in 2021, Hold My Own dropped a demo that same year, followed by the Hold My Own EP in 2022, and released a split with Carried By Six in 2023. Drawing from bands like Biohazard, Bulldoze, and Sheer Terror, the band take that old school energy and bring it into a modern fury.


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  • Anchitt Chhabra
  • Greg Falchetto
  • Serg Mendoza
  • Kashish Chhabra
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