From Sacramento, CA Innovator Records Since 02/2017

Horseneck from Sacramento, CA

From the depths of the unknown canyon comes a rock force that has undeniable power and style. Steeped in ancient tradition and ritualistic sacrifices this force continually bludgeons the masses who are compelled to witness them. Their heavy riffs continually snap the necks of anyone sent to challenge them. The wild thunder broom undertones growl from on high, and will never be denied. Powerful rhythms shake the very ground they walk on, and those who are lucky enough to witness this spine crushing quartet will undoubtedly never be the same. Anthony the riff Lord, Lennon the bass wizard, Lance the heaviest of shred, and Jess the power thwack and thud will always leave your neck barely able to hold your head up. HORSENECK, shredders and defenders of the rock! Reaping critical accolades from critics both stateside and abroad, Daniel P. Carter recently added Heavy Trip favorite “Bobby Brown” to their Sunday night BBC Radio 1 Rock Show rotation. - Facebook

  • Anthony Paganelli
    Guitar & Vocals
  • Lance Jackman
    Guitar& Keys
  • Lennon Hudson
  • Jess Gowrie
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