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From Harrisburg, PA Upstate Records Since 02/2018

Inner Turmoil from Harrisburg, PA

Inner Turmoil is a quintet hailing from Harrisburg Pennsylvania. We are located in Central Pennsylvania, which is not typically known for its heavy hitting presence in hardcore, but we are aiming to change that. We are from the Capital City of Pennsylvania and playing out of state we always get asked “Is that near Philly or Pittsburg.” Unfortunately it isn’t near either, and traveling to play shows is a very normal occurrence that we love. We have brought a lot of bands to our area too trying to build up Central PA’s Hardcore scene. Though we have only been playing shows this year we have shared the stage with bands like Integrity, In Cold Blood, Departed, Gloves Off, Enemy Mind, and Dissent. 

After releasing our first single One Choice Left (a song about the struggles of addiction leading to the final choice of recovery or suicide) in August of this year, we headed directly back to the studio to record the Trapped At Birth EP. “We live in Coffin County (Dauphin County’s nickname due to its high rate of drug overdose deaths) and all have struggled with addiction, too many deaths to count, mental illness, homelessness, and countless struggles that we have pulled through and needed to get out in music” 

The Trapped At Birth EP is filled with everything we have experienced. From growing up in mentally, physically, and sexually abusive families, putting friends in the ground all to often, depression and suicide. We all have experienced true hopelessness in moments yet keep moving forward and pushing to achieve what we were told we could never accomplish. 

Lyrics from the track Inside Job (a song about our drummers abusive family) sum up what the goal of Inner Turmoil is. To let the misled, abused, and forgotten know they aren’t alone!

“Life hits, swing back, push through, all the adversity I found, my place, among, my hardcore family” - Upstate Records

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