Iron Front

From Oakland, CA Creator-Destructor Records

Iron Front from Oakland, CA

Originally formed in 2016, then named Dire Wolves, the band reformatted to IRON FRONT in 2019 and is currently embodied by drummer Max Mahmood, guitarist/vocalist Cruz Garcia, guitarist Jesse Dicruttalo, bassist Dmitri Castillo Russel, and vocalist Topey Plourde. Taking inspiration from old-school death metal and NYHC, the output of IRON FRONT is a hardcore-adjacent, slam-induced alloy of pure savagery, calling to mind 200 Stab Wounds, Snuffed On Sight, Skinless, Bodybox, Internal Bleeding, and Suffocation.


IRON FRONT has independently released a handful of demos, singles, and one full-length, as well as an EP on Transylvanian Recordings. Their debut album Left Out To Rot garnered praise from Metal Forces Magazine for its "amazing mix" and "staggering intensity" and made it onto Toilet Ov Hell’s top 10 of 2022 lists. They have received airplay on independent radio stations including Possessed vocalist Jeff Becerra’s Gimme Metal show and were interviewed on Rampage Radio. IRON FRONT has performed live all over the greater Bay Area and has toured across the Western US.

  • Max Mahmood
  • Topey Plourde
  • Jesse Dicruttalo
  • Dmitri Castillo Russel
  • Cruz Garcia
    Guitar & Vocals
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